5k, Portion Fix

Happy New Year!

I went a little crazy this holiday season and enjoyed a few glasses of wine and Christmas cookies… and by a few, I mean like 100.

Christmas ecard

The start of a new year is a great time to get back on track. I decided that the best way to start 2018 is with a race and Portion Fix.

I ran the New Year’s Day 5k this morning in Reston and it was cold.


The race had a later start time (10AM) and it was nice to be able to sleep in a little bit. We picked up our shirts and bibs that morning at the Potomac River Running store in Reston.

We got some unexpected snow on Saturday night, so the race directors had to change the course. It ended up being 5 loops around Reston Town Center. I was not a fan of the new “course”, but I also understand that the race directors had to make changes in order keep us safe.



I am also starting a portion control system called Portion Fix tomorrow. Portion Fix was created by Autumn Calabrese, and is a part of Beachbody. It is similar to the 21 Day Fix, except that it goes with any fitness program. I am using this system with Orangetheory and running/marathon training. My favorite part about this program is that it emphasizes eating real, whole foods. I also like that there is no weighing, counting macros, etc.! The kit comes with 7 color coded containers, a large blue container for meal transportation, a shaker cup, and a guide. The guide contains instructions, tips, recipes, etc. You can purchase the containers with the guide here.


I used the formula in the guide to figure out which plan to use. Based on my current weight and daily activity and exercise level, I ended up with Portion Plan B. Portion Plan B is between 1,500-1,799 calories and includes the following containers per day:

Vegetables = 4

Fruits = 3

Proteins = 4

Carbohydrates = 3

Healthy Fats = 1

Seeds & Dressing = 1

Oils & Nut Butters (teaspoon) = 4

After I calculated the amount of containers that I can have each day, I created a document in Word to make a menu.


I then spent the rest of the day prepping food for the week. I made the hash browns, taco meat, brown rice, stir-fry, and Asian dressing. I also washed and cut up the romaine lettuce and portioned out my mixed berries. This way, my meals are quick and easy to put together throughout the week!

Keep checking back as I recap each week on Portion Fix!

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