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Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon

The Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon is a part of the Wine Country Half Marathon series, which travels to different wine regions across North America. The Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon starts and finishes at Doukenie Winery in Purcellville, Virginia.

IMG_5042The Expo and packet pickup took place at Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia. Lansdowne Resort is HUGE and there weren’t many signs showing us the way to the Expo. There was only one small sign when you first entered the lobby. I ended up asking a couple people how to get to the Expo. Someone even stopped me to ask how to get there when I was on my way out. Parking also wasn’t marked very clearly. I realized that there was a much closer parking lot once I made it to the Expo.


The Expo was pretty small. There were only a few exhibitor booths. The Expo volunteers were very friendly!


We left the house around 5:45AM on Saturday morning and arrived at the race around 6:30. There were two different parking lots (1 for runners staying for the Wine & Music Festival and one for runners who are not). We saw many signs with directions to the parking lots.  There was a little bit of a line to get into the parking lot, but other than that, parking was pretty easy!

We walked over to the start line and got ready to go. There were only 2,000 runners, so there weren’t corrals, just pacers holding signs.


I ran the half marathon and Ed ran the 5k. We weren’t sure if they started at the same time or not, so we asked a volunteer who also didn’t know. We finally heard an announcement that the 5k would start 15 minutes after the half marathon.

I really enjoyed the half marathon course. We ran along winding roads, up mountains, and past horse farms and wineries.


Some of the course was on pavement, but most of it was on gravel roads. It was hard to run on at times. The course was also pretty hilly! It was definitely a challenging course.


I also really liked the mile markers. They each had cute sayings/rhymes on them relating to wine 🙂

I got my medal when I crossed the finish line. The medals are really cute and even hold your wine glass! Ed was kinda bummed that everyone got the same medal and it didn’t say 5k on it, just half marathon.

IMG_5082IMG_5071The Loudoun Wineries Association Wine and Music Festival took place after the race from 9:30AM-12PM. We went to the wine glass tent to get our wine glasses for the festival. We pre-purchased our glasses, but you could also purchase it after the race. The Wine and Music Festival included over two dozen wineries from Loudoun County, exhibitors, food trucks, and live music. The live music was good, but the lines to get wine were ridiculously long. Some of the employees came through the line to fill up our glasses while we were waiting for a tasting, which was AWESOME!!!IMG_5076

FullSizeRender (48)Overall, we had a great time and I would definitely run this race again!

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