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Rock ‘n’ Roll DC

I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in DC yesterday morning and my boyfriend ran the 5k. It was our first Rock ‘n’ Roll event.  I took the day off work on Friday to go to the Health & Fitness Expo at the DC Armory in Washington, DC. We arrived around 1PM and the lines were long to get in since you have to go through security before entering the Armory.

We picked up our bibs, visited the Brooks Official Merchandise Store, as well as all of the exhibitor booths, and took some pictures.


You have to pay $16.50 to park at RFK Stadium on race day. We paid for parking at the expo… I would highly recommend doing that instead of worrying about it on race morning! I’ve had my eye on the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon for a while now, and bought a discounted race entry at the expo. Expos are a great place to register for races at discounted prices!

On race day, we arrived at RFK stadium around 7:00AM. We parked in lot 6 and walked over to where the 5k starts. It was SO cold.

FullSizeRender (1)

The 5k started at RFK Stadium, but the marathon and half marathon started on Constitution Ave at 14th St NW. I had to take the metro 7 stops from Stadium-Armory to Federal Triangle. It was actually a pretty easy trip! The worst part was standing in the long line to load more money onto my SmarTrip metro card. Luckily there were metro attendants there to help and make sure everything went smoothly. Make sure you purchase your metro card or load your SmarTrip before race day in order to avoid the lines!

FullSizeRender (3)

The half marathon started at 8:30AM. It wasn’t too crowded at all. I think a lot of people bailed because of the weather. I was across the start line in under 10 minutes.


The race was extremely hilly. I never quite recovered from the hill at Mile 6. Seriously, though… look at that elevation!

RNR Elevation

There were many bands along the course. There were 12 along the half marathon course around each mile marker.


Because of the weather, my goal for the race was to just finish. Somehow I ended up with my fastest half marathon time!

RNR ResultsIMG_3388

It was too cold to stay and hang out after the race, so we took a quick pic and then headed to the car.


Leaving the city was a nightmare since many roads were closed. I would not recommend driving to this race!




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