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runDisney Registration Tips

runDisney races are the best! My girlfriends and I try to do one runDisney race a year and make a girls trip out of it.

However, registering for a runDisney race can sometimes feel like a race itself. Here are some tips to help you register:

1. Have your credit card ready and be prepared to spend a lot of money: runDisney races are not cheap, but they’re definitely worth it! A half marathon averages around $185, a 10k is $120, and even a 5k is $80!48688093

2. Create an active.com profile before registration: runDisney registration is through active.com, so make sure you have an account before registration opens. Fill out your active profile with all of your information so it will auto-fill during registration.

3. Be ready to go as soon as registration opens: runDisney races sell out FAST, especially the challenges. I usually log into my active account 15 minutes before registration opens. Remember that registration times are in Eastern Time, so adjust based on where you live! You can also sign up for email reminders about registration here.

4. Register yourself: Each runner has to have their own active.com account. Parents are able to register children under 18.

5. You don’t need to enter a proof of time when you register: You can always submit a proof of time later by logging into your active.com account. Don’t forget to do this or you’ll be placed in the last start corral!

6. “On Hold” does not necessarily mean sold out: “On Hold” just means that the queue is full. Keep refreshing the page!


I hope these tips help you get registered for your favorite runDisney race. Good luck! 🙂

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